Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Greetings from Carmela's Cucina,

In the convents of Italy, you will see the "Sisters" wearing Manicotti (white muff like sleeves) to protect their black habits while working in the kitchen and making pasta. I prefer to eat my Manicotti and you will too.

During the month of November, I will be offering several classes in Manicotti making. This stuffed pasta is perfect for the up-coming holiday season and can be made ahead and even frozen for several weeks before your holiday party.

In these participation classes we will make 3 delicious fillings using ricotta and mozzarella cheese, spinach and mushrooms and a hearty meat filling. We will make the homemade pasta, roll the Manicotti and bake them in a tomato sauce.

Our class will also include and antipasti of meats, cheese, olives and mushrooms. Enjoy a fresh insalata mista (mixed green salad). And for dessert we will make an Italian tradition, "Tiramisu."

In Italian families Manicotti are reserved for special occasions, you will want to make them for your next special occasion as well.

To reserve you spot go to my website at and click on the community classes where you will find a complete listing of where and when I will be teaching this fun class. You may also contact me at

For District 196, Eagan Community Education go to:
For Edina Community Education go to:
For Hopkins Community Education go to:

And if you cannot attend a class all of the recipes are included in my cookbook, "Carmela's Cucina". Contact me for your signed copy.

Buon appetito,

Carmela Tursi Hobbins

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