Friday, April 17, 2009



Last night I had a great time cooking at the Royal Pantry Cooking School, part of Hopkins Community Education. It was a small group, about 10 which was just perfect for their space and for the class members participation in the meal.

We prepared a meal that I call IL Mulino, which is one that we always have on our culinary tours of Tuscany. We began with focacia with prosciutto wrapped around the savory bread. Then I demonstrated one of my favorite pastas, Farfalle (butterflies) in a Sage Butter Sauce. For our primo piatto, or main course we had a roasted pork loin which I seasoned with Italian herbs and olive oil. The meat was perfectly cooked, tender, moist and juicy and WOWED my class and to go with it we enjoyed roasted vegetables and potatoes and a mixed green salad with roasted pine nuts. But it was dessert that really got everyone, cream puffs with almond cream, blackberries and a berry sauce all dusted with powdered sugar.

If this sounds good, think about taking my next class at the Royal Pantry on May 12, 2009. Contact them to register for Grazietta's Farm House dinner and enjoy more Tuscan recipes. To make a reservation call 952-988-4070 or go to

And for my full teaching schedule go to I hope to see you at a class sometime soon.

Buon appetito,

Carmela Tursi Hobbins

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