Wednesday, August 4, 2010



This is summer RESTAURANT WEEK in the Twin Cities, so I am trying to take in some new eateries. Parma 8200 in Bloomington was my choice on this hot, humid summer day.

Parma 8200 just opened about six weeks ago and is one of the many restaurants owned by the D'Amico brothers. While the service still needs some improvement and the location needs better signage the food for lunch was just perfect.

I was joined by four other female friends and we had a nice long lunch in the high energy space. Because of the special week, they were offering a $10.00 2 course lunch. I went for the Watermelon Salad with sweet basil, cherry tomatoes and goat cheese. Other offering included Fried Sicilian Rice Balls which sounded too hot and heavy for this hot day and Bruschetta of Tomatoes which sounded a bit ordinary to me. The Watermelon Salad was small, but refreshing and satisfying. I plan to try and duplicate it for a dinner party I am co-hosting in a few weeks.

For my main course or Secondi I chose the Chilled Shrimp Salad, with fregola, and corn tossed with a tarragon vinaigrette. I do wish it had a few more shrimp, but for a $10.00 lunch again it was the perfect size. There were also chopped green beans and asparagus in the salad.

We passed on desert because of course we are all dieting. The lunch I ordered was fresh, delicious, light and just what this weight watcher needed. And the company was great too.

Try Parma 8200, I think they are going to be a great place to dine once they have the kinks in their service worked out and some better signs leading to their establishment.

Buon appetito,

Carmela Tursi Hobbins

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