Wednesday, December 22, 2010



Are you still looking for a fabulous Christmas dessert, but are short on time? Try my fail proof Zuppa Inglese (English Trifle). It is festive, delicious and everyone is going to love it and love you for making it. Consider it my Christmas gift to you. Perfect for New Year's Eve with a glass of sparkling wine.

Buon Natle!


1 large frozen pound cake, angle food cake, or 2 packages of ladyfingers
1-3 ounce package of instant French vanilla pudding
1 pint whipped cream
4 tablespoons Amaretto Liqueur
1 cup raspberry preserve
1-3 ounce package sliced almonds
Maraschino cherries or fresh fruit.

Cut the pound cake or angle food cake into cubes. Leave the ladyfingers whole. Prepare the pudding according to package directions and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Whip the cream until it forms soft peaks. Refrigerate until ready to assemble.

To assemble, place half of the cake in a trifle or clear glass bowl and sprinkle with half of the Amaretto. Spread 1/2 cup of the raspberry preserves over the cake, allowing some to dribble down the sides. Pour 1/2 of the pudding over the preserves. Spread 1/2 of the whipped cream over the pudding.

Repeat the layers ending with the whipped cream. Sprinkle with the almonds over the whipped cream and decorate with Maraschino cherries or fresh fruit such as kiwi and or strawberries. Refrigerate for 2-3 hours before serving.

When ready to serve, scoop the Zuppa Inglese into a bowl and top with more fresh fruit.


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