Monday, February 9, 2009



Recently on a beautiful Sunday morning after Mass, my husband Bob and I made our way to Gigi's Cafe is Minneapolis. Our son, Teddy has been telling us about this little treasure for several months. Since we were going to a movie at the Lagoon Theater in Uptown we decided this was the day to try out Gigi's.

It was a warm and sunny day and we found parking on the street. There is no parking lot, so beware of this as when the area is busy it may be a walk to the cafe, but it will be worth it. We stepped into Gigi's which was moderately busy for a Sunday morning. They offer only counter service, you pick what you want and then one of the very helpful and friendly staff delivers your order at the table.

There were so many delicious items to choose from. Beautiful pastries, sandwiches, wraps, soups and desserts and because it was Sunday they offered a number of egg dishes and quiches. Since we wanted breakfast we each ordered and egg dish. Mine was full of wild mushrooms, goat cheese and arugula and served with some whole wheat toast. The portion was generous and the combination of mushrooms, greens and cheese just perfect. The goat cheese melted into the eggs and made them creamy and tasty. I thought it might be nice if they had brought some jam to go with the toast but they did not and little kabob of fruit would have been a welcome addition. The portion was so large though that I was not able to order a dessert which I had planned on doing earlier. Next time I think it would be a great idea to split an egg dish and also split a dessert with someone.

What I really liked about this place was that the staff was so friendly and nice and that the room was filled with sunlight. I choose a table beside the window that actually got warm, which was welcome in January, but could be a problem in the summer.

Last year when we were celebrating a birthday Teddy offered to bring the birthday girls favorite dessert for dinner, which was Gigi's Key Lime Tart. While it is not currently available at the counter it can be ordered ahead and they will have one available for pickup. I think of Key Lime Tart as more of a summer thing anyway. Not only was the tart beautiful to look at, it was wonderful to eat, smooth, creamy and just tart enough. The color was gorgeous and it was decorated beautifully. It was the perfect ending to our meal.

Gigi's is located at 822 W. 36th street, just a few blocks from Lake Calhoun. Their number is 612-825-0818. They are open daily at 8:00 a.m. It is casual dining, kid friendly and no reservations are taken. There web site is but it really does not offer any information.

I suggest if you are in the area and looking for good food and a quick breakfast, lunch or dinner, this is a great spot to eat. And they offer a "Happy Hour" as well. I am looking forward to going back this summer after a walk around the lake for a nice long chat with a friend and a cup of coffee out on their sidewalk.

Buon appetito,

Carmela Turis Hobbins

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