Tuesday, February 10, 2009



Last week I suggested to all of my readers that they help our economy out, by having lunch at a cafe with a friend, taking a vacation if you could afford to, or throw a dinner party. Well, after writing that post I decided I better do my part too.

I called up 4 couples that we have known for a long time and enjoy and invited them for a little dinner party over the weekend. Luckily everyone was available and we had a great evening of wonderful friends, fun, good food and great wine. I think everyone must have had a good time too as 5 hours had passed before we got up from the dinner table.

We began our evening with antipasti around a roaring fire and then moved into the dining room. We enjoyed shrimp cocktail and an antipasti that we make frequently in Italy, a creamy tuna paste stuffed into phyllo shells. We enjoyed a delicious salad that included field greens, Granny Smith apples and a wedge of warm Brie that was topped with brown sugar and pecans. Our main course included roasted vegetables, a Mediterranean couscous and chicken that had been marinated in Italian spices, olive oil and white wine. And for dessert we enjoyed a raspberry-ginger semi-freddo garnished with fresh raspberries and mint, all in a pool of raspberry sauce. And then I brought out the home-made Limoncello made by one of the guests and the Torrone candy. Everyone was very satisfied.

You don't have to go this much bother, order a pizza and a movie and call up your best friends and have a great time too.

Buon appetito,
Carmela Tursi Hobbins

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